Check the solvency of your future clients or providers

Thanks to Roularta Business Information(RBI), you may assure the good health of your future partners.
RBI has developed a system which allows you to easily find an answer: the scoring.

The scoring is a way to assess the risks of a company.
This system is based on quantitative elements (balance figures, bankruptcy,) and qualitative one (personal information concerning top management,).This scoring is based on a scale of 1 to 20.

Do you want to find the scoring of a company? Read its financial report?

Nothing easier!

Roularta Business Information

Marketing files :

boost your business by constituting a competitive and updated address file.

Credit report- scoring:

Our various reports help you to assess the financial health of your clients and suppliers. And not only in Belgium: we also give you information on any country in the world (of which more than 220 are directly online).

Debt collection :

We have the expertise to help you: a world network, combined with our experience in trade and financial behaviors of your clients.
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