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For already more than three decades the K-Diamonds directory is the first and only tool on the market giving access to information concerning the Belgian diamond dealers, manufacturers, gemological services and tools.
Also, information on banks, insurance firms, accounting and transport is available.

Since 2004 we have a small version available, our "Pocket edition" which thanks to its size is very handy to take with you when you need to look up a firm while you are visiting the sector. To enhance the reputation of the Belgian Diamond Trade and Industry the directory is distributed worldwide to all those connected to the diamond business. With the help of AWDC, HRD Antwerp and IGI, we distribute the directory during the fairs such as Basel, Hong Kong, Inhorgenta etc..

Recently we have updated our site www.kompassdiamonds.com and hope to assist our users even more by giving them the opportunity to surf to all possible national and international connected links in the industry.
Please, don’t hesitate to give us your comments on both the directory and site, as we welcome all suggestions to improve our products.

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