General conditions

K-Diamonds is available via the Internet and is free of charge for the sole purpose of online consultation. The information contained in this guide can only be reproduced for personal purposes. It is strictly prohibited to copy or use the data contained therein for other purposes, namely commercial purposes such as mailings, the creation of databases, etc., without prior written consent of K-Diamonds. K-Diamonds shall not be held liable under any circumstances for omissions or other material flaws contained in the basic information or which occur during the data processing.

Intellectual Property Rights

No part of these products may be reproduced, transmitted or made public by print, microfilm, magnetic carrier or any other means without prior written permission from K-Diamonds (and/or its partners in this project) except for personal purposes.

Financial information

The financial data provided on the Internet version are provided by Roularta Business Information (RBI) and are based on official sources. They are only for personal use of the person consulting them and will never be communicated to or put at the disposal of third parties, free of charge or against payment.

Accuracy of the data available online

K-Diamonds has devoted the utmost care to collecting and updating the data recorded in the Internet version of K-Diamonds directory. However, should you become aware of errors contained in these products, please contact our customer service department by e-mail at

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